What’s Cookin’ good lookin’? I’m Megan!


...working on the couch with THREE blankets (the fluffier the better), dancing to either Indie Folk music or EDM… and everything in between. If there’s a Made By Marcus Ice cream near by, you’ll find me there. I am a chronic mismatched sock wearer. I'm a sucker for typos, you’ll catch ‘em everywhere and I probably won’t change them even if they’re pointed out- sooooo don’t bother ;). I’m a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, which means that your session will be legend-wait for it- dary!

I work with couples in Victoria, BC, Calgary, AB and everywhere in between! And yes, I’ll join you in Mexico to photograph your wedding!

What's cookin' good lookin'?

I'm Megan!

Founder & Lead photographer

What's with all the whales?

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Megan will help you choose your wedding day team based on your location, ideal budget, and personality!


Tanner Biggan

Carly Hill

Taylor Bevans

Associate Calgary, AB Wedding Photographer

Victoria, BC Wedding Videographer

Associate Victoria, BC Wedding Photographer

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