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Mentor Sessions

The Forward Workshop

I focus heavily on the business side of photography, as I have noticed that many people- just like yourself – are phenomenal at their art, however don’t know how to transform that skill into a lucrative means of income while not burning themselves out. Many artists leapfrog back and forth between wanting to charge loads for their precious art and feeling as if no one else will see the VALUE in it that they do. It’s a LEARNED mind game that you can be taught. Do you follow me so far?

Steering your business in the direction you envisioned can pose to be more of a struggle than you may have thought. Branding is the key to connect with similar personalities, communicate your style, and to stand out in that relentlessly referred to “Saturated market”. Now I haven’t chatted to a single business owner and NOT heard that they feel that their market is saturated and that they just don’t stand out. Branding Branding BRANDING is your absolute key to success, much like how someone who smiles is more likely to catch positive attention than someone who is perpetually frowning. All you have to do is change your mindset and stop following the crowd, realize that unfortunately it isn’t them, its what you’re doing that is making you feel this way and guess what, it is a super easy switch once you know how! Does that seem doable?

an intensive, full day, education based workshop, assisting dedicated photographers in transitioning to full time and making a damn good living while they’re at it.

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Now, a lot of artists get trapped in limbo between making juuust enough money but not creating work that sets their soul on fire, creating a feeling of animosity that we all try to escape by quitting our day job. At The Forward Workshop, marketing and client communication skills are taught to set you up to riel in your ideal client, receive less of the ghost inquiries, steer clear of the problem clients and most importantly, focus on filling your soul and bank account rather than your calendar and burn out o-metre. Make sense?

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"I recently attended The Forward Workshop hosted by Megan. It was such a great learning experience! I am fairly new to the photography industry and the day was packed full with information. From marketing, business development and amazing styled shoots, she didn't miss a beat! It was also great to connect with other photographers attending the workshop, lifelong connections were made and you leave feeling like you have a community to keep turning to. I would highly recommend to not only photographers just starting out, but those who have been in the industry for a while!"

"I recently attended The Forward Workshop hosted by Megan. All of the effort that Megan put into sharing her knowledge with us was incredible! Sharing the space with a group of photographers also experiencing the same challenges and frustrations was so eye opening and comforting. The workshop reminded me of why I started photography and has really motivated me to follow my dreams! Thanks again Megan, would definitely recommend"

"Instruction was very informative and presented really well. The styled shoots were a collaboration of amazingly talented local businesses and models. Location was amazing despite the weather. Not a detail was missed. From delicious treats, personalized gifts boxes and blankets to weather the cold. If you are in a creative rut. If you are struggling with your photography business. If you are wondering if it is possible to make a go at being a full time photographer, the Forward Workshop is for you! Megan will take you step by step through her story, branding, websites, social media, building clientele, prompting and poses and so much more. You will leave inspired, connected to other amazing creatives and believing you have what it takes!"

"Megan put a lot of thought into the whole workshop, from having a guild line to ensure everything was covered to having blankets for the attendees to stay warm during the workshop. She gave gifts that created contacts in the industry and was enthusiastic about teaching."

Mentor Sessions

Things I CANNOT teach you:





You bring the questions, I’ll bring the answers! 
This 1-2 hour chat can be done in person or over skype/facetime and includes:
-Marketing/social media tips and tricks
-Client interactions (aka how to get to know your couples like good friends!)
-Editing workflow and critique
-Template building and client management workflows
-Finding your niche and booking within it -not just taking anything you can get!
-Pricing for success


Let’s amp up your session (and portfolio) game! Say goodbye to pre session jitters… you’ll learn all about my process before, during and after the session and how I create a fun, light hearted and on brand experience the whole way through.
This 4-5 hour session includes:
-My pre session workflow + homework a week before hand (Email templates, prompt lists, couples questionnaires, my “Session Guide Magazine” ect.)
-A photo session with models were you can shadow me until you feel comfortable to jump in, focusing on prompts to evoke emotion, keeping the couple at ease, lighting etc.
-My post session workflow (editing, contacting the couple, testimonials and finding your style).
-Q&A - you bring the questions, I’ll give the answers! 
-A one week follow up to critique your finished images (over facetime/skype or email.)


Okay, okay. I know that this dream of becoming a full time photographer has been nagging at your heart for a while…This two day retreat will put you in the fast track lane. It includes:
-Accommodation for one night
-My pre session workflow + homework a week before hand.
-Two full photo sessions with models were you can shadow me until you feel comfortable to jump in, focusing on prompts to evoke emotion, keeping the couple at ease, lighting etc.
-Branding shots- You get to experience the other side of the lens, and take home some amazing shots of yourself for your business branding and personal purposes.
-My post session workflow (editing, contacting the couple, testimonials and finding your style).
-I look into your business, social media pages, website and pricing packages to create a plan for success. I answer aaallllll your questions and we make a game plan to take your business exactly to where you want it to go! While also giving you knowledge to intelligently change that game plan upon a change in your brand.
-A one week follow up to critique your finished images and see how you’re doing with your game plan (over facetime/skype or email.).


Let's get our learn on!