More often than not, photographers are artists, and most interested in showing up and creating something that their heart is called to create - which is great, I’m all here for it! What I’m not here for is the fact that what comes with having that as your sole driving force, is little to no business practices. No process for backing up your images, no process to guarantee getting your gallery to you on time, crickets in your inbox as you wait for a reply. To be honest, it’s a little hot and cold just like the “cool” kids in highschool.

Let me give you

We systematize so that nothing falls through the cracks, offer guarantees on gallery delivery time, have MULTIPLE overlapping back up processes to ensure the safety of your photos and carry an easy going and chill vibe as we do it.

If they’re the hot and cold cool kids, we’re the nerds.

The inside scoop

Our main goal

to leave you worry free

 from inquiry, posing worries (no posing like barbies here!), to photo delivery.

We’ve compiled the pain points, worries, and sticking points from hundreds of weddings and photo sessions to create a process that really serves you -and it’s fun to go through.

Every step of the way from the consultation to the gallery will be influenced by your individual story and needs so that you get photos that MEAN something to you. Because yes, while hiring a photographer who is excited to “create magic” is great, we think the real magic comes from listening to you, and capturing your story.



starting at

up to 30 mins and 15 images

2 hours coverage and all story telling images

2 hours coverage and all story telling images




Weddings (Megan)

Weddings (associate)


wanna know if we'd be a good fit?

If you find yourself saying "YES THAT'S ME!" to the left side, I think we’d get along! If you see yourself more on the right side, let's pump the brakes a bit!

we’re a good fit if you…

not a good fit if...

✓ Want a photographer who can make you feel confident in your skin
✓ Want to capture gorgeous portraits AND amazing candid, in the moment photos.
✓ Want to share your wedding memories with future generations.
✓ Relationships and family are important to you.
✓ You want a photographer who sees your vision.
✓ You want to add a team member who will go the extra mile in making your day stress free  
✓ You want your photos edited with a timeless, vibrant, true to life style.
✓ You don't want to worry about your photos becoming un-trendy and going out of style.

✘ You want a photographer who cares more about getting photos for their portfolio than capturing moments meaningful to you
✘ You would prefer to not have any emotion show through in your photos
✘ You don't need another hand on your wedding day... You already have 15 bridesmaids.
✘ You want the trendy styles more than you want authentic moments captured.
✘ Photography is low on your priority list when it comes to budget 

don't only take our word for it...

My husband and I hired Megan as our wedding photographer pre-pandemic. She has been absolutely amazing throughout our whole wedding planning journey, I could not have asked for better.

She helped me so much throughout all the twists and turns that our plans took due to the pandemic; she answered all my questions with enthusiasm and with a professional opinion. I am so grateful to have had her helping me, even on our wedding day!

She helped sew my dress when the clasp broke, she kept us all on our timeline and she made our day run so smoothly. She was not only our photographer but she took on the roles of a coordinator and anything else that came up.

Megan is so much fun and you can tell she loves what she does. She had poses for every situation, she joined us for photos at McDonald’s and just truly went above and beyond. This was all before even seeing the end results!

When our photos came in I was in tears at how amazing they all were and could not stop looking at them. I noticed right away that she had done such an amazing job at capturing the moments that mattered; moments I hadn’t even notice happen so it’s great to be able to see those moments after the day has passed.

I am so happy we hired her, not only we’re our photos phenomenal, but our day was made better with her there and I gained a friend as well :)

- Jennifer M

Megan is the best! I knew that when my husband and I decided to elope that I needed to ask Megan to be there with us to shoot our photos and I'm so thrilled that we were able to make it happen.

Our photos (2x the amount we were expecting to get!) came back to us within two weeks! I couldn't believe how fast this was because I know how busy Megan is. It was such a wonderful surprise.

And of course they were INCREDIBLE quality. The way she edits her photos is unlike what I've seen any other photographer do. They are crisp, well-composed, and have the perfect amount of colour saturation, brightness and depth (being a photographer myself, I look for these things and appreciate the heck out the skill it takes to accomplish this!)

Needless to say, we were really emotional when we got to see the gallery and slideshow - it brought back all of the sweet emotion that we experienced that day which was the most beautiful gift, and one that we will have forever.

When you hire Megan, you will get the best service out of any of the photographers in the city. She will go above and beyond for you at each step and you'll walk away with more than just amazing photos - you'll walk away with your sweetest memories and a new friend.”

- Rikki G





We offer a 5 weeks or it’s free guarantee. So you’ll receive your gallery within 5 weeks, or get all of your money back.

When will I receive my photos?

How many photos will I receive?

We include all story telling images in our full session, and wedding coverage. This means that if a photo has a part in telling your story, we’ll include it while still keeping the selection concise enough to look at over and over again. This can be estimated at 60 images/hour.

Do you take payment plans?

Yes! In order to book, we need a 30% paid up front as a booking fee, and a signed contract. The remainder can be broken up however you’d like - monthly payments, quarterly payments etc. You can even choose to have the payment extended past your wedding date, however no images/video will be released until your payment is made in full.

next steps

Fill out the inquiry form

Book a consultation once you’re redirected after hitting “submit”

We chat on the phone and write you up a wedding vision guide.

You send the 30% booking fee and sign the contract

You get planning resources like our planning magazine and a questionnaire.

let's work together

“When initially looking for a photographer, we have no previous experience so we were a bit in the dark while looking around on social media and Wedding Wire.

We were worried about the cost and finding a photographer who could balance capturing the style of image we hoped for as well as traditional family photos.

We could see how great Megan was at capturing moments and balancing the composition of the photos. We knew we were ready to book immediately after our consultation call. She asked questions that helped us envision the type of photos we were looking for and worked with us to find a price within our budget.

Megan was calming, caring, and professional the entire time. She gave direction when needed and let us take the lead when we could. She wasn’t just a photographer, she was a sewer, counsellor, and go to organizer.

We budgeted for photos, but you really can’t put a cost on the value Megan and the team brought to the experience of working together. We are so happy we invested in such an excellent team and experience.

Why would you not book Megan?”

 -Alex B

Wouldn't you like your booking experience to be as easy as pie?