Fun Saxe Point Photoshoot -
Fun Saxe Point Photo session

Fun Saxe Point Photoshoot

Apr 7, 2021

Fun Saxe Point Photo session

This fun Saxe Point Photoshoot in Victoria BC is one for the books! Roza was giggling the entire time, flashing her gorgeous smile.

Saxe Point is a location in Victoria BC near the ocean. There’s a forested area, flower garden, and of course, multiple ocean views! When searching for a location, it’s super helpful to land on somewhere with a variety of backdrops. The reason for this being that you will then have a ton of different looking and feeling photographs without having to hop back into the car and drive to a new location. The weather during this fun Saxe Point Photoshoot was windy and cold, but the warmth from this couples love shone through!

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