Moody PNW Ocean Photoshoot -
moody PNW ocean photoshoot

Moody PNW Ocean Photoshoot

May 12, 2021

Julie and Travis are from Alberta. So naturally when they visited Vancouver Island, it was only fitting to have a moody PNW ocean photoshoot.

moody PNW ocean photoshoot

Being a photographer herself, Julie wasn’t afraid to get in the water for the shot. She actually came prepared in a bathing suit, and towels! There’s nothing quite as fun as a couple with an extravagant vision. I LOVE capturing photographs that feel like YOU and likely no one else has had done before. Whether you bring a prop, a pet, do some cool acro yoga, or something else, I LOVE capturing the essence of what it means to be you! Since this day, I’ve been dying to get another couple in the ocean… are you up for the challenge? Mention this blog post in your inquiry form, and receive a 10% discount!

The Jackman’s are huge Disney fans- but I mean, aren’t we all? The two had a special request to do a lift similar to one in the movie The Greatest Showman! They did it pretty effortlessly, and I was definitely impressed! Scroll all the way to the bottom to see it! They really did bring some special Disney magic to this moody PNW ocean photoshoot.

Want to be next to get a TOTALLY EPIC photoshoot in the ocean of the PNW? Click here to book a photo session with one of our many team members! We can’t wait to meet you and make your photoshoot dreams come true! And don’t forget about that discount! (Only available to couples wanting to get in the water!)

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