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Don’t worry – I’ve got your back.

No. Not like the stick man, I won’t run away, with your vertebrae (YES, unplanned rhyme!). I mean, I’m on your side, team you! Need a coffee, I’ll pick one up on the way. Vendor recommendations, I’ve got ya covered. Want tips on how to make your wedding feel unique, YUP I gotcha. Need someone to carry your dress so your train doesn’t get mucky (because maybe, just maybe, your maid of honour got a little too tipsy too fast?), that’s-a meeee!

But in all seriousness, I’m here to serve you. From first interaction, to retouching every photograph so you don’t have any “I wish that soccer ball wasn’t in the back of our photo” moments (most photographers do what’s called ‘Batch editing’ and miss these little things)- I seriously do have your back. *runs away with vertebrae*

I’m not just a photographer. When you book with me, you get more. I serve the down to earth couple, the adventurers who love a good beer and dance to music as if no one is watching. The ones who want to take life a little less seriously. You’re booking a friend. A professional who limits their yearly bookings in order to actually serve every couple because it’s not about the money. I put my heart and soul (Like the true Pisces I am) into the communication and editing process and do more than just show up with a black box, saying “SMILE!”.

As you’re willing to let loose and take things a little less seriously, I think we could get along, friend!

 What I’m all about.

I’m a Canadian wedding photographer who helps you remember the excitement of life.

I take pride in yanking out every persons personality and bringing energy to the experience. I won’t put you in stiff, awkward poses, leaving you to wonder what the heckeroni to do with your hands. I focus more on little games such as “Kiss her on the cheek as many times as you can in 10 seconds! GO”! This helps you and your other half be YOURSELVES. Then we can get that smiling at the camera pose for Mom and G-ma. I always get brides thanking me for getting their guys to ACTUALLY smile, so don’t you worry about a thing! Can I get a HELL YA!?

I’m based out of both Victoria, BC, Calgary, AB and frequently travel to serve all of Canada. And HECK YA, I’ll join ya in Mexico!


Don’t worry, I’ve got your back - Stick man + Megan Maundrell PhotographyDon’t worry, I’ve got your back - Stick man + Megan Maundrell Photography