Props at Photo Sessions -
Props at a couples photo shoot

Props at Photo Sessions

Mar 10, 2021

Let’s talk about props at photo sessions! Remember when all of those fires ran rampage? While it wasn’t a fun time, it made for great photos.

Hanna and Keiran were a dream to photograph, and while we didn’t have a ton of time, we got a ton of amazing photographs!

What can you do if you’re feeling a little bit nervous about your photo session? The thought of a camera pointing at you just sounds awkward, and you’re nervous that you wont know what to do with your hands…

Props at a couples photo shoot

Let’s talk about props at photo sessions!

Hanna brought a polaroid camera, and I was so excited! Not only was I able to snap a shot with it so she could have a photo right away, but it made for an awesome prop!

I find that props help couples feel more comfortable during their photo shoot. It allows you to think about something other than that dang camera pointed at you! And it can also ground you, allowing you to feel more calm.

Props can be something meaningful, like a mug that you made together, or a blanket you got while travelling. Or it could be something aesthetic, like this polaroid! What kind of prop would you include in your next photo session?

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