Roller Skating Photo Session -
Roller skating and skate boarding

Roller Skating Photo Session

Dec 9, 2021

Roller skating and skate boarding

If you know me, then it makes complete sense as to why I chose to offer a special promo on a roller skating photo session. I’m OBSESSED with roller skating (and figure skating and hockey… anything that lets me feel like I’m flying). I got my roller skates in February of 2021. Quickly, I knew that I needed to incorporate it into my brand; which is why I have a roller skating cat as my logo!

Carl and Julia are always a blast to work with. The bubble gum was Julia’s idea, and let me just say, I’m obsessed!!

Not only is roller skating enjoyable, but the skates are also so cute! Let this be your sign to get photos in your roller skates!

When you think of roller skating, think of me! I’d LOVE to capture you in your element!

Click here to easily book your roller skating photo session today!

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