The Forward Workshop

Stand out.Get paid.Have fun. - and never feel like you have to wear matching socks…
canadian business workshop - megan maundrell

Stand out.

Get paid.

Have fun.

and never feel like you have to wear matching socks…


The forward workshop is an intensive, full day, education based workshop hosted in stunning Golden BC, assisting hard working and dedicated photographers in transitioning to full time and making a damn good living while they’re at it.


It is heavily focused on the business side of photography, as I have noticed that many people- just like yourself – are phenomenal at their art, however don’t know how to transform that skill into a lucrative means of income while not burning themselves out. You see, I went from not knowing how to change a lens on my camera to full time photographer in one year, while doubling my income at my previous day job. Many artists leapfrog back and forth between wanting to charge loads for their precious art and feeling as if no one else will see the VALUE in it that they do. It’s a LEARNED mind game that you can be taught. Do you follow me so far?

Now, a lot of artists get trapped in limbo between making juuust enough money but not creating work that sets their soul on fire, creating a feeling of animosity that we all try or yearn to escape by quitting our day job. At The Forward Workshop, marketing and client communication skills are taught to set you up to riel in your ideal client, receive less of the ghost inquiries, steer clear of the problem clients and most importantly, focus on filling your soul and bank account rather than your calendar and burn out o-metre. We’ve all been there, where it feels like the biz is taking over your life, your families life and is constantly on your mind. And heck, one of my favourite parts about running my own successful business is that I CAN take vacation when I want and allocate my time where it is most important. Make sense?

Steering your business in the direction you envisioned can pose to be more of a struggle than you may have thought. Branding is the key to connect with similar personalities, communicate your style, and to stand out in that relentlessly referred to “Saturated market”. Now I haven’t chatted to a single business owner and NOT heard that they feel that their market is saturated and that they just don’t stand out. Branding Branding BRANDING is your absolute key to success, much like how someone who smiles is more likely to catch positive attention than someone who is perpetually frowning. All you have to do is change your mindset and stop following the crowd, realize that unfortunately it isn’t them, its what you’re doing that is making you feel this way and guess what, it is a super easy switch once you know how! Does that seem doable?

Good! I’ll see ya there!