Gallery Turnaround Time -

Gallery Turnaround Time

May 31, 2022

Gallery Turnaround Time

Did you know that most photographers have a gallery turnaround time of 8-12 weeks? That’s 2 or 3 MONTHS! 🤯

What is a good photographer turn around time?

And you wouldn’t believe how many posts I’ve seen from stressed out couples who are past that 3 month mark. Just trying to reach out to their photographer for an update, with no success.

If you’re like us, you want your wedding photos IN YOUR HANDS ASAP. You’ll be wanting to share them on your social media, print them for your wall, and order custom thank you cards. And waiting 3 months to do this, just seems crazy!

That’s why we offer a 5 week guaranteed gallery turnaround time. If it takes longer than 5 weeks, then we’ll give you your money back… yep, ALL of it!

Post wedding blues is real. We don’t want you having to wait 3 months (Or longer, let’s be honest!) for your wedding photos.

When you hire a wedding photographer, you’re paying for more than just pretty photos, you’re paying for an experience. Sadly, some photographers just don’t understand that and their experience is lacking. We pride ourselves on a complete A-Z process where you feel taken care of, honoured and celebrated!

Your wedding is about more than just a photo opportunity to us, it’s a celebration of your love and your story. Reach out today by clicking here, for Weddings, Elopements, and photo sessions. Want to immerse yourself in a wedding day gallery? Click here!

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