Revelstoke Couples Session -
Forehead kisses in revelstoke

Revelstoke Couples Session

Feb 3, 2021

Bouldering engagement shoot

Boulders in the mossy mountain side, Isabell and Allan showed me their favourite place. I was instantly in awe during this Revelstoke couples session. The boulders looked like they were placed and tucked in by moss by a giant… talk about magical!

One of my favourite moments during this session was when I got them to snuggle close and told Adam to Kiss Isabell on the forehead. She totally melted and squealed. It was so cute!

She later told me that on every grocery list she adds puppies, and forehead kisses! Take note, I know that I’ve been adding those to my grocery lists every since… still no puppies, but I won’t give up!

Since our session last summer, I’ve enjoyed following their journey. They rescue animals, always having a glorious number of dogs. They also do pet photography!

I feel so lucky to have met these two during their Revelstoke couples session and hope that we cross paths in the future!

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Eyeing Isabells amazing glasses? I know I was! This is where she got them!

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