Golden BC Photo Session -
Couples cuddling in the snowfall in golden BC

Golden BC Photo Session

Feb 10, 2020

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Victor and Logan modelled for the last The Forward Workshop in Golden BC, and they have THE cutest love story!

Here’s their story:

“Vic and I met when I started working at the same company as him! Because I wanted to keep work and personal life separate I avoided him like the plague. I stuck to eying him and laughing at his dad jokes from afar. When I was told to post a job ad for Vic’s position, I pieced together and confirmed that he was planning on moving back to the Yukon.

I knew that it would only be a matter of time before he would be leaving the city and I would miss my chance to talk to him and get to know him. So I took my shot! I offered to throw him a going away party to which he replied “no party for me, you’re the best though” and proceeded to invite me to the next musical festival that was happening in the city. My friend and I bought tickets and met up with him and his friends there. We had an instant connection and started our series of adventure dates shortly after that.

To me, he was trying to have as much fun and do as much as possible before leaving. To Vic, he had to see how I faired shooting a gun and climbing a 10000 foot mountain to really find out if I was worth staying in Calgary for. Sure enough he started talking about how “his friends really wanted him to stay”. We started talking about what we wanted in life, who we wanted to be, and the things that were important to us. Before long flights were cancelled, school was refunded, jobs were given back, and my summer fling turned into a running mate, love and best friend.”

Thanks again Vic and Logan!

Earrings are by: White Birch Handmade

Cabin: Golden Acres Mountain Lodge

Makeup: Alpenglow Beauty Co.

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