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The Forward Workshop

Jul 16, 2019

The First Forward Workshop

What went down, How it went and When is the next one?

Look at these dedicated ladies and gents!

The Forward Workshop was created for creative business owners, specifically photographers, who want to get the total package to set themselves up for success. Megan noticed that there were plenty of photography workshops and retreats that focused on the styled shoots and didn’t dive into the business aspect as much as they could. Megan made it her mission to share her secrets to how she went from not knowing how to use her camera, to full time photographer in one year.

The Forward Workshop - for creative business owners

Let’s hop into it! What the heck went down, how did it go and when can you get in on this experience??

I want to teach dedicated creative business owners – or aspiring business owners – how to start their business off on the right foot and make the leap to full time status! If I could do it at the age of 19 with little experience and certainly no business degree, you can too!

Cookies by  Marvellous Cakes

Cookies by Marvellous Cakes

What was Taught?

The 7 students all arrived (and braved the one cold, rainy day in the end of May) and shared their stories. It was important to me that each of these students – which were interviewed and hand picked based on dedication, kindness and willingness to learn – knew that they were facing similar struggles. Sometimes it’s easy to look at other photographers success stories and highlight reels on instagram and feel alone.

I then shared my in depth journey; how I started, my mistakes, where I saw success and my mind set changes.

Next, we went onto our “fire”. We sat down and thought hard about not why we WANT to become full time entrepeneurs but why we HAVE to. Why there isn’t another option, and why we have to make it work for us.

After drying some tears we went into action. I taught on branding first. We chatted about what our brand should look like, why we need to brand ourselves, how it helps us stand out in a saturate industry and how to carry it through the entire client process.

Next we touched on marketing. The definition of marketing, tools, how to and why! This is the backbone to paying bills (aside from pricing) and how to book your calendar.


The most/least favourite topic of the day was pricing. I told the students how to successfully price themselves based on what they know they need to make and what they know they can do without burning themselves out. This topic was HEAVY, but oh so necessary. Each attendee had multiple questions answered and lots to think about. Based on their faces, I think that this topic gave the most tangible step towards their goal. They saw the severity of doing so but also the mental blockages they created around money.

After going over what they should be charging and how to build up to it, we moved onto prompting. Prompting is what I use instead of posing to create the in the moment captures of couples and families. It allows even the most camera shy husbands to open up and show their real smiles (And you can’t even imagine how many brides thank me for this!).

The Forward Workshop - Hands on teaching - Prompting

To break up the teaching, I captured some headshots for everyone and more importantly we ate FOOOOOD!

But in all seriousness, I felt that it was super important for each student to get a few photos of themselves that they can use in their branding ANNND so they can put themselves in their clients shoes. I mean, getting your photo taken isn’t everyones idea of a good time! But with that being said, these guys rocked it!

We then moved onto the two styled sessions to put our prompting skills to use!

There was a styled engagement session and a styled bridal session! These happened simultaneously to allow the group of 7 to be split into two smaller groups. This allows each student to have more opportunity to get their envisioned shot, direct the couple and not have the stress of camera resting on your shoulder while you’re trying to create!

Styled Engagement:

Workshop: The Forward Workshop

Host and lead photographer; Megan Maundrell Photography

Assistant: Hayleighs Images

Hair and Makeup: Makeup By Daughtry

Model: @vicariouslyaddy

Styled Bridal:

Workshop: The Forward Workshop

Host and lead photographer; Megan Maundrell Photography

Assistant: Hayleighs Images

Wedding Planner: @champagneroseevents

Floral Designer: Fox Gloves Flowers

Cake Designer: Cobble Hill Cake Co

Stationary Designer: Addison Quinn Designs

Rentals: Party Mood

Dish Rentals: Toque Catering

Hair and Makeup: Makeup By Daughtry

Cookies: @marvellouscakes

Model: @katie_duerk

The Forward Workshop - Hands on teaching - Engagement Session

Do you want in on the next workshop? Click here to apply and let’s set up a time to chat!

Each of the students really worked their butts off! It was a LONG and INTENSE day FILLED with learning and shooting.

Here’s what they had to say about the workshop:

What are they up to now?

Follow their journey and check out their work:







And the videographer who kindly donated his time Gurtej

To watch the video Gurtej made of the workshop, click the image below!

What do you think?

Are you ready to take this thing full time? Ready to get paid (and I mean, real, second pay-check or replacing your income status PAID$$)? Ready to get your shizz together, create a website, learn SEO basics, client management, how to fill your calendar, how to gain your next 1000 followers, LEARN WHAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG, RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT IS HOLDING YOU BACK!?!

What do you say? Because I think you’re ready to take that next step. HECK! If I went from not knowing how to change camera lenses to FULL TIME photographer (and doubling my old full time jobs’ income) in ONE freakin’ year, YOU CAN TOO! And maybe in HALF THE TIME!

 I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I wanted to keep you in the loop, because I believe in you. I’m hosting my last workshop before the end of this year!

 Golden BC Oct 26, 2019 – 2 Styled shoots, 5 hours of teaching, headshots and food included.

I believe that business investments are important (I’ve made over $6,500 worth of knowledge investments since January 2018). Learning practical, tried and true, applicable knowledge to what you are destined to do is WORTH IT.

 But I also know that as an entrepreneur, money can be tight. SO I pride myself in jam packing my workshops with probably a little too much info in order to save on your costs. I also pride myself (I know, just tooting my own damn horn over here, don’t mind me!) in compiling everything that I’ve learned into WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW. I’ve taken out the fluff, all of the parts that make you feel like the online course really wasn’t worth the $2000.00 (YUP, I’ve dropped $2000 on an online course where I didn’t even get to ask face to face questions.). You WILL be EXHAUSTED, but so full of knowledge and inspiration, I promise.

Are you ready to chat over the phone and prove that you are ready? Click here to apply!


Huge thank you to our sponsors who kindly donated products and discounts to the attendees:


Love Julia Dawn Co.

Bailey Sparrow Coaching

Milk Jar Candle Co.

Goldilocks Bees Wax Wraps

Victoria Candle Co.


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