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Paper florals by Ta Muchly Designs in Calgary AB

Ta Muchly Designs

Jul 16, 2019

Ta Muchly Designs Small Business Feature


Ta Muchly (pronounced “tar-much-lee”) sells handmade prints, papercuts and paper flowers, and specializes in celebrating life’s special journeys. From the once in a life time trip, the perfect honeymoon, memories of your home town, that gap year abroad, or wherever you put down roots.

Celebrate the special moments, big and small. From weddings, to birthdays, bon voyage gifts, or simply just saying hello to a friend you’ve not spoken to in a while. Their travel themed home decor gifts are the perfect way to bring the world home.

All of the products on www.tamuchly.com are designed and handmade by designer and business owner Michelle Haynes-Phillips. She works from her home studio in Calgary, Alberta with trusty assistant Harvey the Golden Retriever puppy!

Ta Muchly Designs Harvey

Michelle is originally from the UK, and also lived in Dubai for 5 years, before fulfilling a life long dream of moving to Canada last summer. So having home decor that reminds her of her home and travels is a big part of her inspiration for Ta Muchly. With each product she designs, she hopes to bring special memories of important places to each person who buys a piece of her art, either for themselves or as a gift to someone special. It’s about more than just home decor that looks nice, it also means something to each recipient.

Michelle of Ta Muchly Designs

Her paper cut map designs are all hand drawn and then edited using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator software until she’s 100% happy with them. It usually takes many hours and many revisions until the design is perfect and Michelle is happy for them to be turned into a paper cut. The paper cuts are delicately cut from a single sheet of 100lbs/270gsm acid-free paper, one mistake or false cut can ruin the design, so it’s important to make sure there are no snags or areas of concern. Once she’s happy, the designs are then programmed into the machine and sent to cut. For a lot of the more intricate designs, certain elements are also cut by hand to avoid tearing the paper. Michelle then has to carefully pick each tiny cut out from the mat to reveal the finished design. It’s not a quick process, but it is completely worth it!

She also sells mandala map art prints, which are all original designs, drawn by hand using an iPad Pro, to give the best quality digital print. These are produced as Limited Editions in batches of no more than 50 of each design. Each print is individually numbered and hand signed.

Ta Muchly Designs Hand cut paper designs

Ta Muchly also sells paper flowers which are either native to or remind you of special places. They are all 100% hand crafted from either Italian or German heavy weight crepe paper. Only the highest quality crepe paper is used which gives the most realistic looking flowers. Some of the petals are also hand coloured to get the perfect shade using inks, pastels and markers. They are then cut, glued, fringed, twisted, shaped and moulded, each petal and leaf individually, to create the bloom. Each flower is intentionally made slightly different to the next so that they are more representative of nature, no flower is perfect, as in life.

All of the products are also finished with a UV coating which helps to protect from fading and moisture damage. As long as the flowers are displayed out of direct sunlight, they should last for years without any maintenance, making them a great alternative to fresh flowers.

Ta Muchly’s handmade artwork are the perfect home decor for someone special. Give the gift of happy memories that they will treasure for years, and bring the world home.

Visit her website and support this amazing small business owner!


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