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Whale watching

The story behind all of the whales on a wedding photographers website.

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Jill temple - Calgary artist

Meet Jill of Eleanor and Ivy!

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Paper florals by Ta Muchly Designs in Calgary AB

Megan tells you all about Calgary, Alberta small business owner Michelle and her amazing paper designs. Get the scoop on Ta Muchly designs and consider her gorgeous art next time you want to show someone you care!

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WILD is a collaborative harm reduction service located in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. We provide non-judgmental and compassionate harm reduction supports, services, education, and development to individuals through community collaboration and festival and event initiatives. WILD operates within an anti-oppressive framework that seeks to provide culturally sensitive and inclusive services to events and communities.

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body positivity - live in the moment

Megan Maundrell opens up about her insecurities in front of the lens and shares some insight into why being present in pictures is so important to your children and your family.

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