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Whale watching

What’s with all of the Whales?

Apr 20, 2020

What’s with all of the Whales?

Whale watching with Prince of Whales

Victoria Photographer, Megan Maundrell photography Logo - Whale PNG

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “Why is your logo a whale?!”

Coming from Vancouver Island, I think it made a bit more sense, however in Calgary, no freakin’ chance. SO I’m going to take a hot second to explain the mystery to you! What’s with all of the whales??

Whale watching in victoria BC

Three years ago, my friend Kate and I went Whale watching with Prince Of Whales and OH MY WORD. It was life changing.

We got suited up in red onesies that make that swishy noise when you walk and orange hats and made our way onto a zodiac boat. Naturally, Kate and I had to sit in the front.

We saw seals and orca’s but the real show stopper was the gentle humpback. These things are MONSTROUS and being in a small boat really emphasized that! The captain shut off the engine as to not disturb the whale and it swam up and under us. Don’t believe me? Check out this video! Your stomach does a little turn when you realize that this thing could easily tip you over… and possibly even eat you (If I’m honest, I don’t know what humpback whales eat, but they could definitely drown you, okay?!).

A video of the whale swimming under us, clearing it’s blow hole and me squealing just a little bit LOL.

After a whale swam under us - Prince of whales whale watching

I think what surprised me the most, was how gentle it was.

Just peacefully swimming underneath us, putting on a bit of a show. It gave me an incredible amount of respect for humpback whales and nothing gives me that free happy feeling like remembering back to this moment. This is why I decided to incorporate whales into my branding. I wanted to share a bit of the wonder with you- even if the wonder was just “Why heckeroni is there a whale on a wedding photography page??”.

Whale waving goodbye

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