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take your business to the next level

Your MIND is the only thing that sets you apart from the person that spends their entire life working at walmart, or freakin’ Oprah. Let me explain…

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Photgraphy workshop for photographers wanting to go full time with their businesses

How did the Golden Workshop go? Click to find out!

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Couple dancing at thetis lake in victoria BC

Megan tells you all about Taylors mentor session; what Taylor learned, the couple who modelled and the photographs!

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How to get published as a wedding photographer - Megan Maundrell photography - Vancouver Island BC

Megan shows you step by step how to get published.

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Workshop for wedding photographers - The Forward Workshop

Megan Maundrell takes you behind the scenes, showing you what was taught at the first Forward Workshop as well as letting you in on the secrets of what is to come at the next workshops!

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