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Mentor Session with Breukers Creative

Sep 23, 2019

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This summer, Taylor from Breurkers Creative contacted me asking for a little hand with her business. She ended up hiring me for a mentor session and what resulted was the coolest couples shoot to add to her portfolio.

Last minute, our original couple had an emergency and couldn’t make it for our shoot, lucky for us, Isabella followed my social media pages and saw my model call. Take this as a hint to follow my Facebook and Instagram for a chance to model and receive free photos!

I am so proud of how Taylor has grown and am excited to have her on the Megan Maundrell Photography Team as an associate photographer! See her bio here!

Mentor session - couples session in water -Megan Maundrell Photography

The mentor session and how it works!

Taylor and I began by chatting and getting to know each other. It’s always super important to me that my students feel comfortable asking any questions they may have! Spending some time becoming friends, really helps with this!

We then went to Thetis Lake to meet Isabella and William, our couple for the evening. Taylor started the session shadowing me, but quickly jumped in and confidently took over the session.

Once we arrived and got to know the couple, Taylor shadowed me for the first 15 minutes of the shoot to watch how I worked. She took note of how I introduced myself to the couple, how I interacted with them and how I prompted them to get natural and emotion filled photographs.

Taylor then took over, trying the prompts she had collected as homework before the session. During this time I answered any questions she had, offered advice and took photographs over her shoulder of the couple. Later, we took turns prompting and directing the couple in order to provide a full gallery of images for Taylors portfolio and social media.

After our session, we chatted until midnight. We covered all aspects of business from photo editing to website SEO to blogging and licensing.

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