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Visual to determine if you should book your vendors - covid wedding planning resources

COVID Wedding – What we’re doing.

Oct 29, 2020

COVID rescheduling - photography and videography

We get it, planning a COVID wedding when you have no clue what’s around the corner is scary. Remember, this is a new scenario for everyone. Lines of communication are always open to chat about any of your concerns, covid related or not.

Loads of brides are concerned about a COVID wedding. Some vendors aren’t allowing free rescheduling, partial refunds, or transfer of funds. This can be stressful to know what to look for. Hopefully after reading, you can feel a little it more confident in your planning journey.

Here’s how we handle a covid wedding booking.

How we handle reschedules:

We wave all rescheduling fee’s. Above all, we know you didn’t choose to reschedule when it is covid related.

How we handle cancellations:

The stress on your bank account was too much. However we know you didn’t want to cancel and wouldn’t had it not been for the virus. Therefore, we offer free cancellations, and you know that non refundable booking fee? Although it is still non refundable, it can be applied to future sessions, so you’re not feeling like you flushed it down the drain.

How we handle double bookings:

You’re concerned about needing to reschedule and then finding out that your vendors are already booked on your reschedule date. We’ve thought about this, and that’s why we have a team of associate photographers, vetted and trained under Megan, to cover your date, even in the case that this happens.

How quickly we respond to emails:

You will hear back from Megan within 48 hours- always. Communication is key, and as a team, we stand behind vulnerability and friendship. We never want you to feel left in the dark.

On the wedding day:

We are happy to wear a mask, just let us know! We sanitize often, and only veer close to guests when absolutely necessary to capture your moments. If we are sick in any way, we have a verified team member to take over for us. Simple as that.

Simple visual to determine if you should book your vendors in a time of uncertainty - COVID wedding planning

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